Fill Drinks Allows Students to Fill Up

By April VeVea

New student-owned business, in partnership with Dixie State, gives students the opportunity to purchase subscriptions for unlimited drink refills at Brooks’ Stop.

Braden Bringhurst, Devon Dickson, and Stuart Baker, three Dixie State University students, celebrated the opening of their first Fill Drinks location at Brooks’ Stop last night. Fill Drinks allows students to purchase a subscription for $19.99 a month, and make hundreds of custom beverages with Coca-Cola products, including Dasani, Coke, Barq’s, and Fanta, using a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine. As long as students have the subscription, they are allowed unlimited refills during Brooks’ Stop’s business hours. As of right now, Brooks’ Stop is their only location, but Dickson says, “As long as it goes well, we want to expand. We want to spread to the whole campus, and allow students the ability to pop in and get a drink easily. We hope to eventually expand to other schools as well.”

When asked about how the idea to start Fill Drinks began, Bringhurst said, “We started Fill because we wanted to give students a more reasonable and affordable option. We also personally thought it was a good idea.” At roughly .60 cents a day for students who opt for a subscription, Fill Drinks is an “affordable and eco-friendly way to get your daily flavored beverage fix,” adds Baker.

Bringhurst, Dickson, and Baker all credit Atwood Innovation Plaza with helping their business come to fruition, with Dickson saying, “The Plaza helped us every step of the way.” Atwood Innovation Plaza helps business owners with a variety of services, including web-design, marketing, prototyping, securing funding and patenting - all at no cost.

For more information on Fill Drinks, please visit and follow them on Instagram @FillDrinks. To contact Atwood Innovation Plaza and discuss how it may help you and your business, please visit