Utah Tech University

Incubator Companies

Orion Innovations Group

At Orion Innovations, we focus on new and disruptive technologies that improve patient safety for the highest quality outcomes. Grounded in the principle that robust solutions can be simple to adopt, we think about caregivers and facilities, and how we can streamline the best possible patient experience through healthcare heroes.

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UV 360

We’re proud to announce UV360, Inc., the new parent company of Vioguard and Steribin. This new brand combines more than 15 years of experience, research, and innovation. Together we aim to create the future of UV disinfection technology.

Our combined mission is to protect lives by combating the spread of infectious diseases. Whether it’s COVID-19, food-borne illnesses, or the next microbial threat, UV360 can provide a circle of protection for you and your customers.

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No Gag

NoGag oral care made Smart, Simple, Stress-Free. 10 Seconds to eliminate the gag reflex and increase referrals, procedures, and patients.

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Steribin™, LLC is a Utah, USA-based start-up company focused on fast disinfection in high-volume applications.

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Medlite ID

MedLite ID is a simple-to-use, disposable medical device enabling clinicians to accurately and efficiently identify the primary medication infusion line, sometimes referred to as the “safe medication push line”, versus similar infusion lines in all light settings.

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Soft Cell Biological has developed a patent-pending protocol to culture and examine hidden bacteria in the circulatory system. Their ultimate goal is to reveal the link between these bacteria, autoimmune disorders, and recurrent infection.

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Eden Tech

Desalination tech that reduces power requirements [by orders- of-magnitude] required for purification.

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Homie is a real estate brokerage that utilizes the Internet as a marketing medium with the use of real estate technology to streamline the home buying or selling process.

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SunHomes mission is to reduce the cost of living to improve the quality of life on earth. The way we do this is by providing Net-Zero, Scale-able Micro-grid Utility service.

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ProTouch Golf Wedges, with their radical Sole Channel Design, were created to help recreational golfers hit green-side bunker shots with greater ease and more confidence.

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SHE Sparks

SHE Sparks Business is a women’s networking group in St. George, Utah. We provide local small business support to female business owners in Southern Utah, and we are all about our members and the EXPERIENCE we provide to help them conquer their business goals while helping other women do the same.

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HealthTree is a revolutionary new tool created by the Myeloma Crowd to help patients navigate their myeloma over the lifetime of their disease.

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Precision Dropper

The first universal eye dropper attachment designed to reduce waste and increase ease of use.

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Thoughtwell Design

Founded in 2017, Thoughtwell Design began filling the important need of helping people create visual illustrations of their ideas, everything from small patented inventions to huge resorts and everything between.

Wireless Lift

Wireless Lift converts your wheelchair lift or crane into a wireless mobile-friendly experience. You can easily control your Lift, Crane, Seat, Doors and Topper all with a single mobile app and the Wireless lift Adapter!

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Fill Drinks

Created by three business students at Dixie State University, Fill Drinks is a subscription drink service where subscribers get unlimited use for $19.99 a month or $199.99 a year. The Coca-Cola Freestyle machine lets you choose from different drinks and drink flavors, and it offers technology that allows you to scan a QR code and fill your drink from your phone.

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3X Green

3X Green is an eco-friendly company whose goal is to provide common utilities like electricity and water to communities around the world. Their patented technology includes a solar/wind turbine, atmospheric water machine, and a magnetic propulsion motor.

Trula, Inc

Trula, Inc has thousands of volunteer nursing, public health, and mental health collegiate-level students seeking credit-qualifying practical experience. COVID-19 pandemic response provides student volunteers with approved class credit hours while they work towards their degree.

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Toolbox OS

Toolbox’s mission is to upgrade the value of our clients’ businesses via tech. Our unique proprietary software is home to 30+ tools specifically designed to save you time and money in Operations, Marketing, Sales, Accounting & Finance, and Human Resources.

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OxySwitch is a disposable oxygen valve that allows care providers to seamlessly switch between oxygen delivery devices.


Create projects for your team or develop content for the public.

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SpaceLander.io is the answer to the question “What to sell next?” We empower eCommerce sellers and businesses with tools to streamline the research and source products.

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Family Defense Technology

Family Defense Technologies mission is to provide safe and reliable options for storage and usage of items. With our patented technology you can designate when and where you want your firearm to be used. Or with safe mats you can be notified upon the removal of any item from the mat. By adding technological solutions to safe storage principles we are able to help protect you and the ones closest to you.

Electric Comedy

Electric Comedy is an American Entertainment Company presenting the best and brightest stars in Stand-Up. We create stand-up comedy experiences, write jokes, and shine light on life with humor.

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Zero Stitch

Top-closure device that uses medical-grade adhesive, and like a zip-tie, it pulls the sides of the cut together.

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Golf Swing Accelerator

Unique club head design that allows weights to be added or removed as needed, easily changing the weight of the training club.


Scroll simplifies scaling for small businesses through videography, online advertising, SEO, and web design.

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Fishing game that allows anyone with an interest in fishing the opportunity to safely practice casting from the comfort of a backyard or favorite camp spot and have a lot of fun doing it. Think of it as a combination of corn-hole, darts, and fishing; it’s a pretty good trio!

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At Vigragro®️ we believe in protecting the environment and finding ways to help people eat healthier through clean, safe, and organic methods by growing your own food with our organic growing solutions.


beatBread delivers a data driven approach to valuing advances and providing funding to MUSIC ARTISTS. We aim to open up opportunities for more artists who otherwise wouldn’t have access to funding, or have access to funding on terms that don’t require artists to sacrifice ownership or control of their music. Funding music/Advancing Independence, that’s beatBread.

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Crate Systems

Crate Systems patented and now manufactures a portable container on wheels that subdivides locations while improving logistics.


Olsen Tools

Olsen Tools introduces the Reach It Ratchet, a ratchet extension tool designed to fit into the hardest to reach places with no needed space for movement.

Safer Paver

Safer Paver makes the tedious job of laying pavers safer, quicker and easier.



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