Utah Tech University

Innovation Guidance and Solutions Center

What We Do

The main purpose of the Innovation Guidance and Solutions Center at Utah Tech University’s Atwood Innovation Plaza, is to guide students, faculty, and community members through the patent process. We attempt to help individuals through the vetting process by researching their idea to see if it is already commercially available or if a patent already exists.

Once, having gone through the research process, an individual’s idea may lead to the construction of a prototype to gain proof of concept. If proof of concept is confirmed, and the product is deemed to have value, our team helps that individual through the patent process using local patent attorneys and their staff.

Our goal is to help people through the patent process and to help them determine if pursuing their idea, has value. In essence, we are here to nurture new ideas in hopes of building new companies for the surrounding area.

Who to Contact

Display image of Dr. Wayne Provost

Dr. Wayne Provost

Director of Innovation Guidance and Solutions Center

Email: wayne.provost@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7741
Office: INNOV 137
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