Fill Drinks Grand Opening Shows Students & Deans are Ready to Fill Up

Fill Drinks grand opening today sees a steady line of students, faculty, staff and even President Williams, subscribing to the unlimited drink service.

St. George: DSU students Braden Bringhurst, Devon Dickson and Stuart Baker are hosting the launch of their new company, Fill Drinks, today at Brooks’ Stop from 9 am until 4 pm. This morning, President Richard ‘Biff’ Williams, Dean Eric Pederson and Dean Kyle Wells stopped by to learn about Fill Drinks, and how students can benefit from the service.

Fill Drinks allows students to receive unlimited refills at Brooks’ Stop’s new Coca-Cola Freestyle machine. Dickson explained to Dean Wells how the average American consumes between 7-14 carbonated beverages a week, at an average cost of roughly $2.20/day. Seeing how student beverage costs could be greatly reduced with the added bonus of unlimited refills, Bringhurst, Dickson, and Baker constructed Fill Drinks as a monthly subscription plan. At $19.99/month (approximately .66 cents a day), which also includes a reusable bottle subscribers receive after signing up, Fill Drinks will allow students to reduce their beverage spending by over 70%.

President Williams, Dean Pederson and Dean Wells were all formally presented with Fill Drinks’ reusable bottles and a free month of service. For a limited time, Fill Drinks is offering one free month of service with the purchase of a reusable bottle for $14.99. While the only location currently on DSU’s campus is located in Brooks’ Stop, the founders hope to expand soon to other buildings around campus.

Fill Drinks has worked closely with Atwood Innovation Plaza throughout the course of their business, with Dickson saying “The Plaza has helped us every step of the way.” For more information on Fill Drinks, please visit To contact Atwood Innovation Plaza and discuss how it may help you and your business, please visit