The Business of Art Goes Viral! November 3, 2020 This year, the Business of Art, for the first time in 10 years, was an online only event. According to Sears Art Museum Director and conference coordinator Kathy Cieslewicz, “Out of an abundance of caution, we decided to move the conference fully online to protect the health of presenters and guests.” What is the Business… Read More
Asava Juice and Smoothies November 2, 2020 Pamela Peterson purchased Asava, Kanab’s premiere juice and smoothie bar, in July. Peterson is proud to only serve products that are locally sourced or organic and gluten and dairy free. The best part? Asava’s menu changes seasonally, so customers are bound to find a new favorite anytime of the year. Asava isn’t strictly limited to… Read More
Meet Fancify October 28, 2020 Fancify Designs Co., owned by Kilee Allsop, is one of Saint George’s newest custom art businesses. Specializing in “designing and creating custom wood signs, digital illustrations, watercolor portraits and vinyl stickers,” Allsop started her business in January of 2019. Allsop has enjoyed crafts and DIY projects since she was a child and started making commissions… Read More
Bandies Looks to Provide Comfort While Wearing Face Masks October 8, 2020 Business woman and inventor, Barb Worman, has utilized the resources at Atwood Innovation Plaza to create a fun new product. Barb recalls one of her first work sessions in the Plaza’s Makerspace, “I was having fun learning and working but kept getting distracted by constantly needing to readjust my face mask.” At that moment she… Read More
Steribin CEO Jon Cole Sits Down With the Business Resource Center October 7, 2020 Jon Cole, CEO of Steribin, recently announced the company receiving $300,000 in its first round of funding in addition to receiving patent approval. Cole agreed to sit down with me to discuss his background, how Steribin is set to change the way we travel and the grossness of airport security bins (spoiler alert: you won’t… Read More
How Steribin is Changing the Way We Travel September 30, 2020 Steribin is looking to revolutionize the way we travel by disinfecting airport security bins with Ultraviolet (UV) light. To describe their CEO, Jon Cole, as imposing would be an understatement. Well over 6’ with a rich voice, he totally commands his office space with a certain je ne sais quoi; yet, his warm, friendly demeanor… Read More
Utah Ranked Last in Women’s Equality, Patricia Jones Looks to Change That September 22, 2020 By April VeVea In 2020, Utah once again found itself ranked as the worst state for women’s equality, partly due to workforce inequality. Hoping to tackle these issues, the Saint George Chamber of Commerce and Young Professionals of Saint George invited Patricia Jones to speak at Atwood Innovation Plaza. The Saint George Chamber of Commerce… Read More
Superbloom Strives for Environmentally Conscious Coffee September 11, 2020 By April VeVea Holly and Spenser Snow Canada may have coffee running through their veins. In fact, one of their first dates, recalls Holly, centered around the “best coffee I’ve ever had.” Spenser worked as a barista and roaster in Sacramento, and after that first delicious cup, Holly “changed how I thought about and appreciated… Read More
Dixie State Finally Gets Into the Esports Game September 4, 2020 By April VeVea Lhea Livings strides into my workspace looking perfectly manicured from head to toe. She’s not what I picture the average “gamer girl” looking like (which brings to mind either someone wearing clothes about three sizes too small while speaking like a five year old, or someone who hasn’t seen a shower in… Read More
Christie Wang Introduces Asian Food and Culture to the Innovation Plaza August 27, 2020 By April VeVea This week, we are focusing on one of our incubator companies, Christie’s Asian Kitchen. Atwood Innovation Plaza’s incubator companies are aided from the ground up, with assistance in problem solving, market sizing, etc. as well as the potential to connect with investors for start-up capital. The program does require applications, and approval… Read More