We are here to support Entrepreneurs!

The Utah Tech Startup Incubator is committed to turning new technologies and ideas into companies. We provide resources to foster the growth of entrepreneurial start-up companies and early stage technology research projects that originate at UT and in the regional community.

Our team places emphasis on problem validation, customer segmentation, unit-economics, market sizing, and competitive landscape mapping. Additionally, the incubator connects start-ups with investment capital if warranted.

Each start-up is evaluated based on their fit to the incubator program, its mission, and its resources.

Admission Criteria:
  • Investable/scalable business
  • Solution Validation/Fit
  • Compelling Market Opportunity
  • Desire for mentorship and counseling
  • Receptive to learning new skills


1. Problem Validation
2. Customer Segmentation
3. Unit Economics


4. Market Sizing
5. Competitive Landscape Mapping